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Evertyime you post…

… or promote from you’re support the “Center for Consumer Freedom” a right wing group who’s sole mission is to take down animal rights and environmental activists. They were paramount to the passing of the animal enterprise terrorism act and they just want to cause rift within the animal rights movement. Let’s fight the real fucking enemies, CCF and all of the other animal exploiters. AR activists need to stick together, it’s not about ego, it’s about the animals. 

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say today. 


Dear, Vegan Haters

PETA = people eating tasty animals? Seriously? Can you please get a new joke to make fun of us vegans and animal rights activists? You think we haven’t heard this before? You think you’re clever? 

I just wanted you to know that I’ve heard it a million times, and every time I do my friends and I snicker and talk about how silly it is that people STILL say that . It’s time to come up with something original and clever. 


Grow the fuck up. 

(I’m grumpy today, sorry.) 


I’m sorry people, but the hunting is great because it funds wildlife conservation argument….

… well… it’s complete bullshit. There are alternative ways to fund wildlife conservation, that actually focus on conservation, rather than making wild animals another commodity.

Hunting in the USA has no moral basis, it’s just a bunch of people (usually rich white men) with nothing better to do than cover themselves in animal pee, wear camo, kill living beings and pretend they’re doing something “manly” and “noble”. It’s so much easier, cheaper, cleaner and nicer to grow some fucking veggies and eat those. Also, they will actually make you healthy. There is NO reason to eat animals in an industrialized society. 

And let’s not forget, if everyone started hunting and trying to be all “ethical” and stuff, they wouldn’t even have wildlife to kill:

For the Michael Pollan fans who think killing and eating wild animals (hunting) instead of killing and eating farmed animals makes great ecological sense:

At our current rate of per capita animal flesh consumption (over 200 pounds/year), the amount of time it would take U.S. meat-eaters to kill and gobble up every bit of U.S. wildlife (USDA estimates) to extinction including 20 million deer, 350,000 bison, 800,000 elk, 6 million wild pigs, 7 million wild turkeys, 42 million wild ducks, and 3 million Canada geese =

13 days.


This blog will be active again one day!

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This memorial day…

…. I am remembering people who died for freedom: Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Huey P. Newton, Harvey Milk and all of the countless nameless people who died in the fight against war and peacefully fought for equality and liberation. 



I don’t eat no meat, no dairy, no sweets.. Dead Prez- Be Healthy @ Highline Ballroom, NYC (by toneriggz)

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